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Canada Iron & Metal Co., located at the corner of Dundas and Jane in Toronto, has been recycling scrap metal, used cars, and electronic waste in Toronto since 1937. Our Toronto scrap metal yard is open to the public and accepts ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, as well as cars and e-waste materials. 

 FERROUS METALS INCLUDE : Steel, Cast Iron, Cars, Stainless steel, Stoves, microwaves, appliances, rotors,

NON FERROUS METALS INCLUDE:Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Cable, Transformers, ,Lead, Batteries, Copper content items, Catalytic Converters, Tungsten Carbide, Molybendum, Nickel,

ELECTRONIC WASTE INCLUDES: Computers, DVD'S, VCR'S, Televisions, keyboards, printed circuit boards, 

We buy scrap metal from individuals and companies of every size. Canada Iron strongly believes in scrap metal recycling In order to: 

1) Ensure a more sustainable planet for future generations



2) Maximize the prices we pay to our customers for their scrap metal to ensure everyone can profit from recycling


Canada Iron and Metal are proud members of the following: 

Canadian Association of Recycling Industries

Canadian Association of Recycling Industries

Ontario Electronic Stewardship Program

Ontario Electronic Stewardship Program


Address: 3534 Dundas St. W (Corner of Jane & Dundas St W.)

Phone: 416.762.7351

Hours: Mon - Fri: 7:30-5:00               Sat: 7:30-12:30


revised hours saturday sept 1 (labor day 8am-12pm)


"Recycle With US"