Canada Iron has been servicing the industrial sector with bin services for over 50 years. We have a comprehensive list of solutions for all your business’s needs. From manufacturing to demolition, Canada Iron is committed to the clean, safe, and environmentally-friendly removal of all metal materials.

We offer various bin services for manufacturing/demolition/and other industry sectors. We have a fleet of Mack trucks and array of bins varying from dump-hoppers to 40 yard containers available for your facility. Our account managers are committed to servicing your business and we will do whatever we can to facilitate the clean and safe removal of your recycled material.

We accept all ferrous material (including scrap cars).

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We provide

14-20 – 40-50 yard bins to demolition sites as well as industrial customers. We have the capability to bring, Totes, Hoppers, forklifts and other material handling equipment onsite for larger jobs.

We bring scows and flatbeds to sites on demand for larger projects. 

If you are planning a large factory clean-out or require specialized services our account managers are waiting to work with you!